The principals of Great Oak Capital Advisors, LLC have extensive experience securing loans from local and national lenders.   We have successfully placed over $100 million in debt for our own projects, those of affiliates, and while acting as a loan broker.

We have strong relationships with a variety of capital markets participants including regional and community banks, credit unions, private lenders, hedge funds, private equity firms, and accredited individual investors.   Our underwriting and loan presentations are well received. We have been able to generate multiple competing term sheets for many of our projects and those of our loan brokerage customers.

With a successful platform that combines corporate and commercial real estate finance and local, regional and national capital markets expertise, we continue to lead the way as an intermediary for knowledge, value creation, and outstanding client service by providing customized solutions, executable advice, and reliable financial counsel.

Contact us at to see if we can help you secure the debt you need to finance or refinance your real estate.